Apostle Paul – by Abigail

I used to be a sinner with a lot of transgressions
I was a murderer one with a lot of aggression
I had a hatred in my heart towards all Christians
But little did I know I had a mission
Then one day on the road to Damascus
Everything turned upside down
A bright shining light blinded me, and I could see no more
I fell on my knees feeling weak and sat in awe
A voice whom I knew not called out to me
I thought to myself how this could be
The voice said Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me
I asked him Who he was, trembling in fear
He replied I’m Jesus whom you’re persecuting
Astonished I asked him what he wanted me for
He told me something I’d never heard before
I remained blind for three whole days
And asked God for help and so I prayed
He sent a man named Ananias to restore my sight
he laid his hands on me and said
Receive your sight and be filled with the Spirit
something like scale fell off my eyes
my vision was restored, and I was surprised
I then took the decision to be baptised
And now I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

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