Fear and Doubt

In our last blog of the ‘Move Forward’ series, we saw a three-dimensional problem before Israel, and we discussed that the Lord led them through the External Problem as they went forward. Now we will focus on the Problem Within, for the people of Israel were in fear and doubt.

Are there more powerful obstacles than fear and doubt in our journey? Fear and doubt always travel together to take control of a person. Although there are external reasons that cause fear and doubt, it is an issue within us. Therefore, we need to deal with them to overcome in order to move forward.

The people of Israel were in a celebrative mood plundering Egyptians as they came out of Egypt (Exodus 12:36). They expected no crisis ahead as they moved forward, but they were stuck up in between the Red Sea and Pharaoh. It is so clear that God allowed those situations in their life, as He was leading them. However, they were gripped with fear and doubt. In such a tough situation Moses exhorted them, ‘Not to Fear’ but to ‘Stand Firm’ (14:13). He meant to say that there is no reason to be afraid. They began to cry out in desperation, as they expected total destruction. Jesus’ disciples in a sinking boat had a similar situation, and Jesus asked them, ‘why are you so afraid?’ (Mark 4:35-41).

The impact of Fear is so huge. Sometimes fear energizes us and we quickly try to do anything to avoid danger, but finally end up in big trouble. Sometimes fear paralyzes us and we don’t know what to do. We should not cry out to God in fear, frustration, panic and desperation, but in confidence and trust. God’s people should pray in faith, for God is in control of every situation. I and you may not be knowing all that is happening, and we don’t need to know. But that does not mean that the Lord does not know as well. Being a child of God, we need to know that if the Lord is leading us, we need to totally depend upon him for He knows the way. In a normal military situation Moses’ advise to stand firm is not a piece of good advice, but we should know that we had someone to do all the fighting for the Lord is with us like the commander in chief. Many times, our temptation is to run away, crying out in fear, and try to fix things on our own. We should not be shaken, tossed by winds and waves, but be firm and trust in the Lord. Moving in obedience to the Lord is the safest step, whether in the wilderness or in the Red sea.

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