Light in Darkness!

It gets dark early in the winter season. It is a time of less light which seems gloomy and disappointing for some. It’s a season bleaker than any other. Sunlight is barely seen. People live during this season with the hope that this season will end and the spring will come with great enthusiasm and offer happiness. Christmas just got over with the reassurance of God being with His people. We have entered into a new year with great hope. But the festive lighting is still seen all across. Christmas lights keep the darkness at bay. Seeing them in the dark adds glow and brings cheer in the hearts and minds of young and old. 

God is the creator of both the light and darkness; night and day. Some people love nights as they can sleep, and take enough rest. It’s one of the greatest blessings people enjoy! But the night passes by, and the day comes with plenty of uncertainties. Psalmist talks about the songs in the night. Yet night is gloomy to many. Psalmist talks about ‘the pestilence that walks in darkness’, there is ‘the terror by night.’ However, though the night is dark, there are always stars and moon that lit up the sky. 

Light is a theme both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In Isaiah 9:2, the prophet heralds the coming of the messiah to the world. “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep, darkness a light has dawned.”  Darkness is a backdrop for the stars at night. Darkness reminds us that there is genuine need of light. The light that is given must be used. The present situation of the world is of that kind. The fear of the pandemic and death is still around. We are surrounded by darkness; loved ones are falling sick, death toll is increasing, family gatherings are not easy anymore, often can’t communicate to one another without a face mask, churches are not able to meet in full strength but amidst this chaos, our Lord is the light of the World. 

Jesus the light of the world expects His children to be the light of the world. No matter how perilous the times are or the situation is! As God assures light to all people, His children can be the light in this world. Everyone loves light! The believers are expected to shed light in place of darkness. It is not by our own effort that we can throw light into dark times and situations. As we are the children of light, the very presence of a child of God can change any situation. The negativity needs to replaced with positivity. When change is inevitable in a dark situation God expects us to act. God the maker sent us to this world with His light that has the power to transform darkness to light. The Christian who shines in darkness proves that he is a true Christian. The love of Christ in us should be displayed in darkness. It is easy to love Christ and display it when everyone else is doing the same. We can do a lot while we are in a group or a community. Nevertheless, it is significant how much light we shine for Christ when we are alone.  

However dark it may be around us, we can find little comfort, little joy and little hope to cheer our spirits. 

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu

Therefore, cheer up! Let our light shine in the darkness.

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Light in Darkness!

It gets dark early in the winter season. It is a time of less light which seems gloomy and disappointing for some. It’s a season

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