Tainted to Immaculate – by Liz Joys

I drew open the drapes,
To witness a bounteous white:
The dry bones of sickly trees,
The tattered fallen leaves and
The muddied roads of yesterday,
All blanched in radiance;
The lustrous gleam embraced
the broken and the weak
The soiled and the withered –
Like the love of Christ
that seek the downtrodden,
Flakes of white caressed
The vanquished and parched winter land.
I step into the majestic snowfall,
Yet feel it’s thunderous silence,
Like His mercy and grace that fall upon me –
Powerful yet tranquil, silent yet puissant.
I witness how the darkest of shades:
Crimson, umber, charcoal and pine,
Were all bleached in the presence of snow;
And I know this is how He
washed away my flaws and failures,
Engulfing me into His glorious haven.
As I walk ahead,
I see a couple muttering
and relocate their car,
While a little afar,
I behold a squirrel and a bird,
Exuberantly playing in the snow,
Carefree, though their sustenance
lay buried deep beneath.
I chose to join the latter
in their naïve elation,
And look up to heaven and say:
Oh Lord, my God, how great Thou Art!

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