Unswerving Love – by Liz Joys

To the God of the broken and rejected,
Who embraces me in my valleys,
And walks by me on my mountains.
Your whisper is louder than a multitude,
Your smile, far brilliant than countless suns.

Caught within a crowd of familiar smiles,
Yet a heart of despair only You can see.
More than on my highest peaks,
You’ve taught me in my deepest vales.
Though You seem silent on dubious days,
The fourth watch unfailingly
unveils Your splendour.

Your glory overpowers my pain,
Your radiance covers my sins,
And Your love engulfs my shame.
So I rejoice in my failures,
For I know for sure that broken vessels
become Your masterpieces.

You are the Artist who paints my days,
The Potter who moulds my life,
And the Author who finishes my race.
Oh Lord, my God,
You are my Breath, my Confidant
and my everlasting Home.

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